We are more than just a Family Law firm… We care about you and are here to help.

Your Family Law Lawyers

We are divorce and family law lawyers serving Penrith & surrounding suburbs. We specialise in family law and provide advice in relation to separation, divorce, parenting orders, access to children, child support, Family Court matters and family law mediation.

Your Wills & Estate Lawyer

Do you need a Will, Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship in or near Penrith?
Are you an Executor in an estate and don’t know where to start? No Will and you need to apply for Letters of Administration?
Do you want to create an Estate Plan? We can help you.

Your Conveyancing Lawyer

ALA Conveyancing can assist you with Buying, Selling and Transferring property. We are highly experienced lawyers who understand the complexity of property law and provide a high level of service and professional skill to this process.

Your Criminal Lawyer

Our experienced Solicitors have a broad depth of knowledge across all areas of law and this includes criminal law- in particular AVO’s and criminal charges related to family violence. This is especially when an AVO relates to current family law matter and the effect it has on children’s arrangements.