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We can assist you to sell your property, from drafting the Contract of Sale, to organising discharge of your mortgage, we will provide professional and timely advice and assistance.

When you are ready to put your property on the market there are also some things which you will need to consider outside the confines of how much you are prepared to sell for and what will be included with the sale.

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Conveyancing Penrith - Selling Your Property

Have there been any alterations or additions to the property since you purchased it?

If so, have you received Council approval for those alterations or additions. You will also need to advise us whether you hold a survey report or building certificate for the property as these documents will need to be provided to the purchaser/s. We can assist with any questions that you have in relation to what may be considered an alteration or addition to the property.

Is there a swimming pool located on the property and, if so, do you have the relevant approvals?

As of 29 April 2016, anyone selling a property with a swimming pool needs to not only provide evidence that the swimming pool has been registered with the NSW Swimming Pool Register but you will also have to provide a Certificate of Compliance from your local Council to confirm that the swimming pool meets with the Council regulations. We can also answer any questions that you have in relation to obtaining these certificates.

Are you intending on selling your property and buying a new property at the same time?

If you are also looking at buying a new property, you may need to try and make sure that the settlement date for both contracts are the same. We can assist you with aligning the sale and purchase as closely as possible so that you are not left with a gap between settlement dates.

In addition to answering any preliminary questions that you have, ALA will provide your real estate agent with the Contract for Sale to market the property as soon as possible and will guide you through the Contract, once it is complete, to ensure that there is no confusion.

Once the property is sold, we will then liaise closely with you to ensure that the process is smooth sailing all the way through to settlement of the matter.

Conveyancing Penrith - Selling Your Property

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