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At Amanda Little & Associates we can assist you with all aspects of child support including:

  1. Administrative Assessments;
  2. Lodging Objections;
  3. Binding Child Support Agreements;
  4. Limited Child Support Agreements;
  5. Departure Applications;
  6. Paternity Disputes and Declaration of Parentage; and
  7. Recovering Child Support in cases of Non-Paternity.

Family Law - Child Support

Child Support Penrith

How is Child Support calculated?

Financial Support for children in Australia in generally determined by an administrative Assessment of child support. The Assessment is made using the formula as Set out in the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 (CTH).  This is a complex formula that takes into account the percentages of care, the parties incomes and financial dependents.

Information contained in the child support register about the parties’ common children and care arrangements can be disputed by lodging objection. The parties are also able to apply for a departure from the formula assessed in special circumstance.

Wish to discuss your situation?

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Child Support Agreements

Parents are able to contract out of the provisions of the scheme – i.e. the “assessable amount” through a child support agreement. There are two types of child support agreements:

  1. Binding Child Support Agreement; and
  2. Limited Child Support Agreement.

Binding Child Support agreements allow parties to vary the assessment or even set aside the assessment and enter into new agreed terms which can include:

  • a higher or lower amount of child support;
  • lump sum child support;
  • offset agreed non agency expenses ( e.g. school fees, medical costs etc) at 100% against the assessable amount; or
  • reduce weekly payments and add additional non agency expenses.

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