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What is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative Family Law is an alternate way for you to resolve your family law matter.

It is a process where you as a couple, choose to work with Lawyers and third parties ( such as accountants, psychologists etc) to make joint decisions by consensus to resolve the legal issues that you face upon separation amicably without the need for Courts or Judges.

This process focuses on needs, not entitlements.

The process allows you to jointly identify what is important to each of you and the family unit, and then make decisions together in all parties interests.

By agreeing to do Collaborative Family Law you are agreeing not to go to Court and to work together until a resolution is realised.

You each take responsibility for the future direction of your Family.

Is Collaborative Family Law suitable for you?

In this process you will need to:-

  1. Communicate openly and honestly
  2. Communicate respectfully
  3. Prioritise the interests of the children
  4. Transparently share information.

Collaborative Family Law

Why should you consider Collaborative Family Law?

The benefits of the Collaborative process include: –

  • You control the process
  • You are supported at each step of the process by your lawyer and other trained professionals
  • You will focus on the future, not the past
  • You agree to an open and transparent exchange of all information including legal advice
  • You will focus son the parties future needs, not entitlements and legislation/court
  • You, your lawyers and other professionals sign a contract not to go to court
  • You can agree to jointly appoint neutral experts such as financial and child specialists and valuers, as appropriate
  • The Collaborative Family Law process provides a roadmap for future co-parenting in a respectful and dignified manner.
  • You can create a win/win situation for each of you and your family unit

If you would like more information about Collaborative Family Law or would like to make a time to speak with any one of our trained Collaborative Family Lawyers Amanda Little and Jacinta Watkins, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 02 4761 6935 or contact us.