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Can’t I just do a one page or online will? Everything is simple!

Clients will often say to us “but can’t I just do a simple at-home will?” The answer is yes, however, in doing so you will incur more costs and can create extreme difficulty for your Executor in the long run.

It is common for a client who is an Executor of a deceased estate to attend with an at-home or post office will. The appointments might be wrong, the gifts might be incomplete, the estate is not properly set up, which can lead to the person dying intestate or leaving the estate open to litigation. As Solicitors, we often have to ‘clean up’ incomplete or incorrect wills which significantly increases the legal costs for the estate – which could have been avoided for a nominal fee for the drafting of a simple will.

Although these “at home” products have their place, nothing replaces proper legal advice when drafting your Will.  There are many circumstances that you may not recognise as “complicating factors” which a lawyer will immediately identify needs to be addressed.

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