Using A Lawyer to Obtain Probate

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Why should I engage a lawyer to obtain Probate?

Many people wish to avoid the legal costs of engaging a lawyer to obtain Probate and administering an Estate. Whilst this will save you legal costs upfront, often it will end up with greater legal fees in the long run and you will have to carry the burden of the legal process.

The process requires complex documents to be created to obtain Probate as well as complex forms for release of the assets once Probate has been granted.

Engaging a Solicitor to obtain a grant and administration of the estate ensures:

  1. The Solicitor deals with the asset and liability holders, gathers the information does the “running around”;
  2. The Solicitor can reach agreements to hold off debt recovery (if necessary);
  3. The Solicitor prepares all court documents;
  4. Solicitor publishes all notices;
  5. You limit the requisitions from the Supreme Court;
  6. You can obtain a grant of Probate in a cost-effective and stress-free way;
  7. The Solicitor deals with the beneficiaries;
  8. The Solicitors ‘calls’ in the assets;
  9. The Solicitor pays all the estate debts;
  10. The Solicitor does full accounts for the estate;
  11. The Solicitor organises the tax return of the deceased and the estate;
  12. The Solicitor does final account and draws cheques to each of the beneficiaries.

Using a Solicitor makes this process easier during a difficult time. Let us help you with the administration of the estate of a loved one and carry some of the burden with one of our friendly Penrith Contested Wills and Probate Lawyers. Contact our team today to find out more.

Using A Lawyer To Obtain Probate