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Rosetta Stone “Rosie”

Senior Lawyer

Rosie was admitted to practice in 2013. She is a member of the Law Society of NSW and is admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia.

She has a Law Degree and a Master of Applied Law (Family Law). She also has a degree in Social Work in Counselling and is a trained Collaborative Family Lawyer.

Rosie is a compassionate and understanding Solicitor, who has primarily worked with the vulnerable. She is particularly well equipped and has extensive knowledge in trauma related matters including domestic violence, children at risk and other serious family issues which leads to the breakdown of relationships. She has previously not only worked for private firms, but in non-for-profit roles supporting her local community, which gives her a unique and valuable perspective.

Rosie will make you feel at ease and will gently assist you to navigate your way through the family law system whilst feeling supported and cared for.

She is in Northern New South Wales, where her passion for helping others and guiding them through family law matters has led to her strong community involvement and support.

She also has extensive experience in Estate Planning and Deceased Estates.

Rosie works directly with Rosemary Aloisio, and is available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Rosetta Leo - Rosie - Senior Lawyer

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