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Amanda Little our Principal Solicitor is an Accredited Specialist Family Law – which means she is an expert. Accredited Specialist Family Law

Specialist Accreditation is determined by the Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Scheme. The Accreditation is highest recognition of a Solicitors skill. Accreditation means they have expert knowledge and can provide expert advice in their area of accreditation.


Why should you choose an Accredited Specialist?

It’s simple – Your matter needs an expert, someone who can provide you with knowledgeable advice.

Our experienced Solicitors have the skill and knowledge to lead you through what can sometimes be a complex process.


How does a Solicitor become an Accredited Specialist?

It isn’t easy!

The Solicitor must:

  1. Have been practising for a minimum of five years full time;
  2. Have been practising in Family Law for a minimum of three years;
  3. Pass the Law Society’s rigorous assessments which then determines that they meet the high level of expertise required

Accreditation is an acknowledgement by their peers of a high level of expertise and competency of a Solicitor.