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At Amanda Little & Associates we understand that often the hardest part of a relationship breakdown is the effect it has on the family unit, in particular on children.

The Family Law Act is the legislation that governs the time that each parent will have with their children. The child’s best interest is the paramount consideration when the Court is determining children’s matters, and at the heart of this is the understanding that children need a meaningful relationship with both parents (unless one of the exceptions applies).

Children and Divorce

We will provide you with advice to assist in creating a safe loving and stable environment for your children. Our Principal Solicitor is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner certified by the Attorney Generals Department and is able to use her mediation and negotiation skills to help bring a resolution to your matter without the need for the matter to go to Court.

If you reach an agreement this can be formalised into a Parenting Plan or into Consent Orders.

Your Lawyer can speak to you about which of these is most appropriate based on your circumstances.


Wish to discuss your situation?

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